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Course Code: HCM501

Prerequisite(s): ECS110 and (GMN155 or ACF120 or CXC Mathematics)

Health Economics and Finance in Health Care Delivery is important for a number of reasons. First, health is important to us as individuals and as a society and healthcare is one of the ways of modifying the incidence and impact of ill health and disease. The availability of health care can determine the quality of our lives and our prospects for survival. 

Economic analysis offers a unique and systematic intellectual framework for analyzing important issues in health care and for identifying solutions to common problems. This course therefore focuses on the analysis of the principles of economics and finance and their application to the production, delivery and financing of health care.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Health Economics
  • Demand for Health Care
  • Production and Supply of Health Care
  • Markets, Market Failure and Government Intervention
  • Uncertainty and Health Insurance; Equity in Health Care
  • Principles of Economic Evaluation; Measuring and Valuing Health Care Output
  • Economic Evaluation Methods
  • The Use of Economic Evaluation in Decision Making.

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