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Course Code: MKM501


Marketing Research and Analysis is the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data, about issues relating to marketing products and services. It is based on a proactive approach to the management of marketing information and the application of that information to marketing decisions. Marketing research can provide valuable insights concerning markets, customers, products, and business strategy. (Marketing) research must be conducted correctly, or else it could provide the decision maker with a false sense of validity and integrity, leading to misinformed and costly decisions. 

This course is designed for persons interested in increasing their expertise, and professionals interested in furthering their careers in Marketing Research. Students will be exposed to the concepts, methodology, analysis and distribution methods for the purpose of decision making.

As a marketer, you are required to evaluate the worth of marketing research information as you make decisions. In some instances you will collect information yourself and in other instances you will require professional marketing research services to collect the data for you. Thus, it is necessary to be able to distinguish good research from bad research and to guide the high-quality research efforts of others. This course teaches you how to evaluate research as well as how to do it. You will learn by doing and applying what you learn to practical situations. 

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