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Course Code: GMN508

This course draws attention to the study of culture, which is a relatively young concept in management literature, having been delved into within just the past 40 years. As organizations and scholars alike have determined that the softer side of management of people and performance plays a major role on organization performance and bottom line, culture has been hailed as one of the components of success and failure.

Furthermore, as the world’s national players  have moved closer together to share goods and merge markets, diverging cultures world-over have come under the spotlight and understanding of them and of how to converge and/or adapt has become significant in the assurance of multinational, cross-cultural success. 

This course therefore highlights cross-cultural matters of significance and provides insight on how to manage them for success. 

Topics Include:

  • Comparing group cultures and national cultures
  • Culture and communication
  • Culture and people
  • Culture and concept time
  • Cultural dimensions relating to the world
  • Organisational culture
  • Culture in action within the management functions of HR, IHR and Marketing e.g. employee resourcing, employee onboarding, employee engagement, expatriation, repatriation, marketing mix and product alignment
  • Awareness of culture from Finance/Ethics perspective e.g. Sharia financial rules, Guang Xi, Financial gifts, whistle blowing in collectivist society.

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