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Course Code: SEM221

Building employee morale motivation is critical to having a successful workplace.  When employees are motivated, and working as a team, production increases.  The benefits to the company are vast, but there are also many benefits for workers when they are part of a company that is committed to teamwork and excellence.  When employees feel that they are part of a company that treats them well, there is less absenteeism, and greater incentive for employees to do an excellent job. 

Employers must examine their relationships with their workers and regularly assess if there any deficiencies.  This seminar is for all managers, human resource leaders, team leaders and anyone who wants to be part of a dynamic organization.


Topics covered include:

  • Why Generational Differences Matter
  • The Power of Incentives and Awards
  • How Managers Create Behaviours
  • Building a Fun-High-Energy Climate without Compromising Performance


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