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Course Code: GMN155

A sound understanding of the basic mathematics and statistics used in today’s business environment would be an asset to any person. 

Course Code: GMN150

This course is designed to help develop a clear understanding and appreciation of the vital role communication plays in the business environment.

Course Code: ECS110

This course is designed to introduce participants to the important role which economic activity, laws and principles play in guiding business activity. It explores the area of “Micro-economics” which deals with the activity of consumers and producers interacting in the market for particular goods and services. 

Course Code: GMN117

This is a foundation course which introduces participants to the fundamental principles of management using a systems approach.  The course includes modules of the four functional areas of management: personnel, production, marketing and finance. 

Course Code: MKM110

This introductory course in marketing seeks mainly to develop in participants an acceptance of the “Marketing Concept” as a guiding principle in all business decisions.

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