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Course Code: POM230

This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge of a variety of tools and techniques necessary for effective purchasing and inventory management. It is designed to help the Purchasing Officer appreciate his/ her role in maintaining product/service quality and organizational profitability.

Course Code: POM210

This course is designed to meet the needs of persons directly responsible for production in the manufacturing and the service industries.

Course Code: HRM220

Prerequisite(s): HRM210 or equivalent

All managers face many pressing issues arising from relations between themselves and their employees. These issues influence the effectiveness of the manager.

Course Code: HRM245

This course is designed to respond to the needs of companies that want to communicate effectively with the various target groups with which they interact. The role and objectives of Public Relations will be examined and practical insights provided primarily for the person who is carrying out a public relations function.

Course Code: HRM210

This course deals with the effective management of people at work.  It is designed for all persons concerned with people management in the organization.  Its goal is to develop more effective managers and staff specialists who work directly with people. 

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