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Course Code: ACF502

This course deals with the principles and procedures of auditing, and with developments in the professional accounting environment. As a prerequisite for this course, students should have a sound knowledge of the financial accounting and reporting process.

Course Code: ACF501

Prerequisite(s): ACF120 OR ACF255

This course introduces the concept and practice of financial risk management. Risk management includes identifying, measuring and controlling risk exposure and how to market credit risk.

Course Code: ACC125

Today's work environment requires that workers periodically upgrade their core competencies and skill sets. This course provides practical and interactive instruction designed to build basic mathematical and statistical skills. These skills are used for business improvement through informed decision-making when faced with uncertainty.

Course Code: ACF500

Prerequisite(s): ACF120 or ACF255

This course focuses on financial decision making at the corporate level. It is aimed at increasing the understanding of finance by covering more in-depth, issues first considered in financial management.


Course Code: ACC315

This course is an Intuit’s (USA) advanced module designed to assist entrepreneurs, business managers and key employees in managing and maintaining their accounting records. Participants will learn how to manage QuickBooks both as a single user as well as in multi-user mode on a network. Preparation of statements, exporting data to word and excel and other typical activities will also be features of this course.

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