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Course Code: GMN510

This capstone course explores the role of strategy and policy making in the general management of a business organization. It addresses the issues involved in defining the corporate mission, objectives and goals. It focuses on the analysis of the company’s micro and macro environment as a means of identifying and creating competitive advantage, examines the cultural, political, ethical and regulatory issues in the business environment and emphasizes the importance of leadership as a key to successful management.

Course Code: GMN508

This course draws attention to the study of culture, which is a relatively young concept in management literature, having been delved into within just the past 40 years. As organizations and scholars alike have determined that the softer side of management of people and performance plays a major role on organization performance and bottom line, culture has been hailed as one of the components of success and failure.

Course Code: GMN506

This course draws attention to the study of how Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) enter and operate in foreign markets. As organizations and scholars have determined how we do business abroad is more crucial than what business is done, different models for controlling host country operations from home country will be explored.

Course Code: GMN507

This introductory course in business research provides students with an understanding of the nature and process of business and management research. Students are guided in the formulation and development of their research topic and/or research proposal and the array of research designs available to them.

Course Code: GMN505

This course introduces students to e-commerce from a management perspective. It examines the impact of constantly changing technology and the effects on business practice and organizational decision-making. Students will be exposed to an extensive guide for comprehending the operational issues of e-business and will be provided the tools to link theory with practice.


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