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Course Code: MKM502

This course investigates the manner in which people interact with products and their marketing environment. Understanding consumers, enables marketers to effectively meet the needs of buyers in the market, and be more successful in their marketing activities. The course introduces students to the influences that consumer behaviour has on marketing activities.

Course Code: MKM501


Marketing Research and Analysis is the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data, about issues relating to marketing products and services. It is based on a proactive approach to the management of marketing information and the application of that information to marketing decisions. Marketing research can provide valuable insights concerning markets, customers, products, and business strategy. (Marketing) research must be conducted correctly, or else it could provide the decision maker with a false sense of validity and integrity, leading to misinformed and costly decisions. 

Course Code: MKM270

This course seeks to provide a foundation for understanding all basic concepts of advertising and for making essential decisions.  The concepts will be presented in a simple and straightforward manner but in sufficient depth to ensure a general knowledge of the field. 

Course Code: MKM500

One of the major developments in the world today is the remarkable growth of services. It is estimated that services make up a quarter of the value of all international trade. Service marketers require specialized knowledge and skills to develop and implement effective plans that will attract, retain and build strong customer relationships.

Course Code: MKM260

Prerequisite(s): MKM110 or equivalent

This course is aimed at all persons involved in every aspect of the marketing of tourism products and services. The course applies the fundamental principles specifically to the tourism environment.

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