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Course Code: ESM505

This course examines various factors that influence the viability of small to medium-sized enterprises. It considers the financial, operational, and management decisions of the business principals at key stages of the venture’s life cycle (e.g. the start-up, survival, rapid growth and maturity stage).

Course Code: ESM500

This course will provide participants with a solid foundation for starting a new venture, growing and developing the venture and reaping the benefits. Participants will explore the key issues and vital aspects of entrepreneurship, and develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.

Course Code: ESM200

This course is comprises modules of Entrepreneurial Management, General Management, Presentation Skills, Event Management, Corporate Etiquette and Business Communications.


Course Code: ECS110

This course is designed to introduce participants to the important role which economic activity, laws and principles play in guiding business activity. It explores the area of “Micro-economics” which deals with the activity of consumers and producers interacting in the market for particular goods and services. 

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