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Course Code: SEM246

Preparing for the world of work If you want to work immediately upon leaving school, chances are so do hundreds of other people. You want your application to get noticed so you should create it as a marketing tool. Getting the job requires that you present yourself in the most authentic way by paying attention to preparing for the interview. This seminar will expose persons to the skills necessary for preparing for the job.

Course Code: SEM247

The ability to communicate effectively, in the new globalized environment, has become a challenge for many organisations. This seminar will identify the essential skills for making effective written and oral business presentations and participants will be exposed to the requirements of successfully communicating in a culturally diverse environment.

Course Code: SEM248

Managing high-performance remote teams across different countries, time zones travel schedules and cultures, has become necessary for many organizations. However, because of differing expectations, conflicts and related, it has become a major challenge for managers. In this seminar, participants will be exposed to the application of modern management techniques for the effective management of virtual teams.

Course Code: SEM249

Organizations are now recognizing that, in order to be effective, they need to mobilize the collective energy, wisdom and creativity of their workers, teams and leaders. They also understand a high emotional quotient (EQ) is the prerequisite for effective leadership, decision-making and relationship-building. Participants will learn the skills to recognize, use, understand and manage their emotions. They will also acquire skills to enable the development of EQ in others.

Course Code: SEM253

The ability to prepare technical papers which can be easily understood by a general audience is an essential skill for all managers. This seminar will enable participants to update and improve their technical writing styles without compromising their technical message. They will also be able to see the difference which effective written communication can make to an organisation.

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