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About the Institute

BIMAP is among the leading training institutions in Barbados

The Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) was established as a non-profit organization to improve the operational effectiveness of organisations by developing solutions and building the internal capability of our clients. 

What We Offer

Purchasing and Inventory Management

starts 01.02 - 15:00
Sophia Harper-Waithe, BSc., MBA

This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge of a variety of tools and techniques necessary for effective purchasing and inventory management.  

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Production and Operations Mgmt

starts 01.02 - 17:00
Ryan Nurse, BSc., MPhil

Production and Operations Management is essentially about the manner in which organizations produce their goods and services. It focuses on the design, organization, planning and control of the organization=s activities albeit a manufacturing enterprise or service operation, and aims to maximize the organization=s ability to provide these goods and 

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Fundamentals of Spreadsheet Analysis

starts 01.02 - 17:30
Steve Lewis, BSc

This course is designed to cover the key topics listed under the course outline. Additionally students will be exposed to using various Excel functions. Students will work with various Excel tools to organize data, represent data graphically as well as discover how Excel spreadsheets are constructed.  

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Visiting the Institute

How BIMAP Works

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What's Happening
James R. Bernard is going to visit Los Angeles this spring

James Richard Bernard, the genius of contemporary art, is visiting Los Angeles with his new exhibition at LA Art Center on March, 30. The exhibition is called "The Evolving World", and introduces an absolutely new vision of the modern world including various spheres of our life - social, political, economical, cultural etc. This event will also feature the showcase of artworks by Bernard's colleagues and apprentices who form The American School of Contemporary Art.

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What People Say About Us

The programmes offered are great. I believe more people should invest in taking courses at BIMAP. The instructors are great! They spend extra time with you just to make sure that you understand, during and even after the class. My experience was great and I would encourage others to enroll in a programme at BIMAP.

Anderson Pierre, Former Student