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BIMAP, through its mandate of workforce training and development understands the value of and the need to make a meaningful contribution to the economy, and the society on a whole.

Over the years BIMAP has provided corporate scholarship sponsorship to persons who not normally access training opportunities. Persons who have benefitted include:

  • Athletes
  • Cultural Practitioners
  • Entertainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees
  • Secondary School children
  • School leavers
  • Managers


Through the last ten years BIMAP has formed partnerships with several organisations and groups to provide scholarships for outstanding performance in chosen fields. Scholarships have been awarded with the following partners:

  • All-Stars Calypso Tent
  • House of Soca Tent
  • The NIFCA Semi Professional Winners
  • The National Cultural Foundation

BSSAC Sponsorship

BIMAP has sought to solidify partnerships with various entities and have tailored sponsorship packages to the specific needs of each organisation. For our BSSAC sponsorship we offer scholoarships for:

  • The Senior - Victor & Victrix Ludorum - 2 Personal Development Seminars and Summer Job-Attachments 
  • Combined Schools Athlete Group - Personal Development Seminar for up to 45 Persons
  • Most Deserving Senior BSSAC Athlete - BIMAP Diploma in Management Studies Programme