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Research Methods

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Price:$ 1100.00
Hedy Broome, BSc, MSc

This introductory course in business research provides students with an understanding of the nature and process of business and management research.  Students are guided in the formulation and development of their research topic and/or research proposal and the array of research designs available to them. They are then guided as they develop their individual research plans for the remainder of the project.

The course covers the actual project development including the literature review, data gathering techniques, analysis of data and findings and report writing. The course will comprise a combination of interactive lectures and practical sessions to enhance the learning experience. 

Topics covered include:-

  • —Planning the Research Process (The Importance of Research, Problem Definition and the Research Process, The Role of the Literature Review, Identifying and Meeting the Requirements of the Research Design, Primary Data vs Secondary Data, Measurement, Attitudinal Scales
  • —Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques (Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, The Advent of the Computer, Selecting the Survey Method, Questionnaire Design
  • —Sampling (Sampling Procedures, Developing the Sampling Plan, Probability Sampling, Non-Probability Sampling, Sampling in Qualitative Research
  • —Managing Data (Data Validation and Editing, Coding of Data, Data Entry
  • —Basic Techniques in Data Analysis (Tabulation and Statistical Analysis, Graphical Representation of Data, Descriptive Statistics, Measures of Dispersion, Evaluating Differences and Changes, Exploring the Relationship Between Variables, Explaining and Predicting Relationships Between Variables, Analysis of Qualitative Data).