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Fundamentals of Marketing

starts 01.28 - 09:00
Ricky Nurse, BSc, MSc

The course introduces the student to the fundamental principles and building-blocks of marketing as core business discipline. Students will explore a number of the basic elements that contribute to marketing being a critical success factor and a sustainable pillar for growth.

Students will also be exposed to marketing from the psychological, analytical and strategic perspectives. The course will provide an opportunity for the student to develop a sound practical knowledge of the tools, techniques and skills that marketers need to cultivate success & longevity.

The objectives of the course are to:

  1. Prepare students to speak the “Language of Marketing” across an expanded marketing landscape.
  2. Introduce students to the core elements of marketing.
  3. Provide a learning environment that teaches participants how to critically evaluate marketing campaign effectiveness and the adoption of innovation.
  4. Reinforce the discipline required for marketing success from concept to strategy to execution.