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Production and Operations Mgmt

starts 01.29 - 17:00
Ryan Nurse, BSc., MPhil

Production and Operations Management is essentially about the manner in which organizations produce their goods and services. It focuses on the design, organization, planning and control of the organization=s activities albeit a manufacturing enterprise or service operation, and aims to maximize the organization=s ability to provide these goods and 


This course has been designed to balance both the need for participants to understand the fundamentals of Production and Operations Management (POM), as well as the need to tailor traditional POM to reflect local and regional requirements. This is seen with the inclusion of commonly thought traditional POM areas such as Forecasting and Capacity
Planning, Operations Scheduling and Inventory Management/MRP, etc. and the introduction of areas which are critical to the development of the Caribbean region namely
Operations Network Design, Production Activity Control and Operations Improvement.