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Services Marketing

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Francelia Marksman, MSc

One of the major developments in the world today is the remarkable growth of services. It is estimated that services make up a quarter of the value of all international trade.  Service marketers require specialized knowledge and skills to develop and implement effective plans that will attract, retain and build strong customer relationships.

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the differing requirements for successfully marketing services in contrast to goods.

Topics covered include:-

  • —Introduction to Services Marketing (What are Services, Challenges for Services Marketers, Examples of Service Industries, The Tangibility Spectrum
  • —The Services Marketing Triangle (What is it?, Ways to use the Services Marketing Triangle, The Services Marketing Triangle and Technology , The Services Marketing Mix – is it different than the traditional concept of the Marketing Mix?
  • —Consumer Behaviour in Services (Information Search, Perceived Risks, Customer Expectations of services, The Zone of Tolerance
  • —Customer Perceptions of Service (Customer Perceptions of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Five Dimensions of Service Quality, ServQual Attributes, The Service Encounter
  • —Building Customer Relationships (Lifetime Value of a Customer, Benefits of Customer Loyalty,  Strategies for Building Relationships
  • —Aligning Strategy, Service Design and Standards (Service Development and Design),  Service Mapping, Customer Defined Service Standards, Employees’ Roles in Service Delivery)