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General Management

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Glen Miller, BSc, MSc

This course is designed to meet the needs of experienced managers who would like to strengthen their professionalism through formal training; trainee managers and persons who have recently been appointed to management positions or professionals (teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc.) with career paths tending toward management.

Topics covered include:-

  • —Contemporary Management
  • —The Definition of Planning and why it is Necessary, Types of Planning, The Planning Process, Quality Approach to Planning
  • —What is Strategy? Strategic Management Process, Organization Strategies
  • —Purpose and Principles of Organizing, Basic Departmentalization, Line, Staff and Functional Authority, Decentralization
  • —Leadership, Motivation, Communication
  • —Managing Work Teams, Decision Making Styles Ethics
  • —Human Resources Process, Decruitment Options, Turning and Development, Managing Downsizing
  • —Definition, Performance Appraisal System, Principles of Compensation
  • —The Control Process, Control Techniques, Time Management
  • —The Communication Process, Creativity and the Competitive Advantage, Innovation Managing Change and Innovation.