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Marketing Management

starts TBA
Tony Proute, BComm (Marketing)

Decision making in marketing is first and foremost a skill. Like all skills, it is best learned through practice. The course emphasizes a managerial rather than a descriptive approach and, therefore, participants are presumed to have some prerequisite knowledge of the discipline. The course reviews the marketing concept and then elaborates on a systematic management approach to implementing the concept.

Topics covered include:-

  • -Marketing Decision Making
  • -Marketing
  • -The Big Picture (Business Planning, The Marketing Plan Business Planning
  • -Managing Strategy (The Marketing Plan, Segmentation and Target Analysis, Developing a Value Proposition and Positioning, Managing Revenues, Cost and Profits, Managing Business Markets
  • -Points-of-parity (POPs) and Points-of-difference (PODs) - the challenge of effective brand positioning
  • -Managing Tactics (Managing Products, Services, Brands, Price, Incentives, Communications, Distribution
  • -Managing Growth (Managing New Products, Managing Product Lines, Gaining and Defending Market Position, Managing Sales Growth).

PREREQUISITE: Fundamentals of Marketing [MKM110], or equivalent.