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Construction Management

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Nicholas Matthias, MSc

This introductory course in Construction Management (CM) is designed to give participants a thorough background in the basics of construction management used on different sites and projects.  The CM topics presented will also give insight into the field as a whole, preparing for all aspects that can and will arise. It will broaden their outlook on CM as a career and teach them how many other disciplines, especially project management, can either directly or indirectly affect CM.

Topics covered include:-

  • What is CM?
  • What employers look for when selecting a Construction Manager
  • Understanding your team
  • The relationship between Construction Management and Project Management
  • The Construction Project Life Cycle
  • Skills required for PM
  • What is a building drawing?
  • How to read a drawing
  • The difference between building/working drawing s and schematics
  • History of building materials
  • Classification of materials
  • The future of materials in the construction industry
  • What does it mean to be sustainable?
  • Energy, Water, Waste
  • Safety Management and Hazard Control (safety measures and procedures, accidents and control methods, site survey)
  • Health, Safety and Environment (safe systems of work, emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, contractor and subcontractor management, health environment).