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Public Relations

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Sara Odle, BA, MBA

This course is designed to respond to the needs of companies that would like to communicate effectively with the various target groups with which they interact. The role and objectives of Public Relations will be examined and practical insights provided primarily for the person who is carrying out a public relations function.  

Topics covered include:-

  • Public Relations (Definition, History, Principles, Personal traits of practitioners, Function of PR in society, Social responsibility of PR, Perception of PR, Challenges of PR
  • Communications
  • The Backbone of PR (The Power of Persuasion, How to Communicate Effectively, By Choice or Default
  • Image (Definition, Images about us, The “Look” of a Company, The Corporate Culture, Can An Image Be Created, Rented, Bought? If Yes, How?, Should it be?, Image Management
  • Judge and Jury
  • Public Opinion (Definition, Defining Attitude, Types of Publics, Influencing Public Opinion, The Traps of Public Opinion
  • The Tools of the Trade – Understanding the Media (Print, Radio and Television, Advertising
  • Choosing an Agency or Doing It Yourself
  • Desktop Publishing (Newsletters, Graphic Design, Photography, Publicity Techniques
  • Developing a Public Relations Programme (Appreciation of the Situation, Definition of Objectives, Budgeting, Research, Evaluation)
  • Crisis Management (Imagining the Worst, Recovery and Evaluation, Communication as a Critical Factor.