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Managerial Communications

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Ryan O'Neale, BA, MBA

This is a course in the concepts, tools and skills of basic business communication, both written and spoken.  The course offers practical experience in researching business problems and using language to reach different levels of the business audience.This course presents an advanced approach to the dynamics of communication in organisational settings.

Particular attention is paid to the development of analytical and speaking skills germane to formal presentations for both in-house and public audience.  These skills include the influence of group dynamics, the generation of audience-appropriate materials, and the role of contemporary presentation technologies in the communication process. In addition, the course examines the influence of cultural factors on communication.  Topics include stereotypes, prejudice, verbal and non-verbal languages, and the use and organisation of time and space.  The communication “styles” of a number of different cultural groups are also examined.

Topics covered include:-

  • Background to Communications (Introduction, Communications ─ An Overview, Elements of Communication, Barriers to Communication
  • Written Communication (Writing Skills, How to Correct Common Mistakes in Writing, Writing the Negative Letter, Persuasive Letters, The Inter-Office Memo, Employment Communications, Report Writing)
  • Verbal Communication (Communication Styles, Speaking Barriers, Speaking in Public)
  • Non-Verbal Communication (Forms of Non-Verbal Communication, Applications of Non-Verbal Communication)
  • Aural Communication (Elements of Listening, Barriers to Good Listening, Improving Listening Skills, Ethical Issues)
  • Individual Oral Presentations
  • International Communications (Cultural Sensitivities, Communicating in an International Environment).