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Employment Law

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Ivan Walters, BA, LLB, M Ed.

This course is designed to familiarize students with a wider of perspectives in which employment law relations impact employers and employees and how the various institutions relate to the subject matter. The Employment Law course explores the rights, responsibilities and duties of the management of human resources.  It also provides a framework for understanding the growing body of labour and employment legislation and social protection legislation.

Topics covered include:-

  • Review of Legal Systems (The Institutions of Employment Law, ACAS,   Employment Tribunals, The Courts)
  • The Caricom Models (Employment Tribunals - Employment Rights, Conciliation - The Existing Law, Arbitration - The Existing Law, The Courts including CCJ
  • The Contract of Employment (Explanation of the Contract of Service, Regulation of Employment, The Judicial Tests
  • The Formation of a Contract of Employment, When is the Contract Formed?, Implied Terms
  • Written Particulars of The Contract Of Employment, Expressed Terms, The Draft Employment Rights Bill (Barbados)
  • Discrimination (sex, race, disability, religion, age), How are these contracts handled
  • Maternity Rights (Explanation of the Employment of Women Act [Maternity Leave], Provisions of the Barbados N.I.S.S Act [Maternity Benefit]
  • Employment Situation (Sick Leave, Holiday with Pay, Sunday Work - Shops Assistants, Overtime - Shops Assistants
  • Protection of Wages (Wages – Paid, Protection from Unauthorized Deduction, The Change of Wage Payment
  • Transfer of Undertakings (Variation to Contract of Employment, Duty to Consult
  • Performance of Contract of Employment, Implied Duties of Trust and Confidence, Duty to provide Work and Pay Wages for Work Done
  • Safety and Health at Work (Duty of Care, Safety Consultation, Training and Supervision
  • Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Procedures (Codes of Disciplines, Disciplinary Rules and Hearing
  • Grievance Handling Procedures (Grievance, Role of the Supervisor, Settlement of Grievance, Dispute Handling Procedure
  • Wrongful Dismissal (Common Law Remedies, The Barbadian Example, Employment Law Remedies)
  • Unfair Dismissal (Termination of Employment - Is It Fair?, Reasons For Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Procedures for Unfair Dismissal
  • Redundancy (What is Dismissal by Reason of Redundancy?, Fair and Unfair Redundancy, The Need for Full Consultation, Lay-off and Short-time Working, Redundancy/Severance Payments
  • Law Relating to Trade Unions (Law relating to Industrial Relations, Refer to Trade Union Act/Labour Department Act, The Recognition Process -Trade Disputes and Arbitration Act, What is a “Trade Dispute”?)