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Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behavior investigates the manner in which people interact with products and their marketing environment. Since we are all consumers in the market place, in some form, consumer behavior can also tell us something about ourselves. Understanding consumers enables marketers to more effectively meet the needs of buyers in the market, and be more successful in their marketing efforts

The course introduces the student to the influences that consumer behaviour has on marketing activities. They will explore the many social, cultural and marketing factors that influence the selection and usage of products and services. The students will also be exposed to consumer behavior from the marketing, psychological, sociological, and anthropological perspectives. The course will also provide an opportunity for the student to use, some of the techniques that marketers use to understand and influence consumers, and how these techniques contribute to our daily lives. 

Topics covered include:-

—Consumer Behaviour (What is Consumer Behaviour? Consumer Behaviour and the Marketing Concept, The Consumer Research Process, Why Consumer Research? Designing and conducting Consumer Research

—Consumer Attitudes (What are Attitudes? The Composition and Scope of Selected Attitude Models, How experience leads to formation of consumption related attitudes, How do consumer attitudes change?)

—Communication and Consumer Behaviour (Understanding the Role of the Source in Communication, Understanding the Role of the Audience in The Communication Process, How Understanding Consumers facilitates message development

—Culture and Consumer Behaviour (Culture and Sub-cultures, Nationality as an influence on consumer behavior, Religious Affiliation as an influence on consumer behaviour

—Cross Cultural Consumer Behaviour (The Global Marketing Imperative, The differences among cultures and their influences on international marketing strategies, Local, Global or Mixed Marketing Strategy)  

—Consumer Decision Making (Levels of Consumer Decision Making, Models of Consumer Decision Making, Nature and scope of consumer gift giving).