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Tourism Management

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The course will take a holistic look at management and organisational issues with which the Tourism manager is concerned. It will examine the most important global trends in tourism and the implications for tourism management in the future. 

Students will have an opportunity to examine tourism marketing issues and other areas of functional management as these relate to strategic planning and management.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to tourism ‒ the nature and scope of tourism, trends in tourism
  • Strategic management – the concept, concept overview, strategy in the service industry, leadership and strategy
  • Fundamentals of management ‒ management levels, a general framework of management, the strategic management process
  • Environmental assessment – a conceptual framework, some basic concepts, environmental dimensions, environmental classification scheme
  • The business environment of tourism ‒ the remote, task, industry and firm environment
  • Functional management in tourism ‒ human resource issues, functional and financial management in tourism
  • Functional management in tourism ‒ operations management
  • Strategic planning in tourism ‒ the value proposition, building portfolios, analysing core competencies, strategy alignment and implementation
  • Managing strategically ‒ organisational control, managing strategically, managing groups , managing strategically, challenges for tomorrow’s manager.