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Marketing and Research Analysis

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Marketing Research and Analysis is the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services. It is based on a proactive approach to the management of marketing information and the application of that information to marketing decisions.

Marketing research can provide valuable insights concerning markets, customers, products, and business strategy. This course is designed for persons interested in increasing their expertise and professionals interested in furthering their careers in Marketing Research. Students will be exposed to the concepts, methodology, analysis and distribution methods for the purpose of decision-making.

Topics covered include:-

  • —Introduction to marketing research and planning the research process (Marketing, Management and Research , The Research Process
  • —Problem formulation (Conceptualizing the Problem; Writing the Problem Statement, Research Questions, Propositions and Hypotheses
  • —Research Design (Strategy: Exploratory, Explanatory or Conclusive, Data Sources: Secondary and Primary
  • —Sampling (Sample Designs and Sample Selection)
  • —Data Collection Process (Measurement and Attitude, Measurement, Experimentation and Test Marketing)
  • —Data Collection Methods (Types of Data; Measurement Approaches, Choosing Appropriate Methods for Your Research, Designing Data Collection Forms and Instruments
  • —Collection of the Data (Data Collection Procedures, Ethics)
  • —Understanding Data Analysis to Answer Research Questions (Measures of Central Tendency, Distributions and Role of Significance
  • —Analysis and Interpretation of the Data (Editing and Coding, Tabulation and Basic Descriptive, Analysis, Basic Statistical Analysis, Advanced Data Analysis, Analysing Qualitative Data
  • —Communicating the Research Results, The Research Report
  • —Introduction to Software Application (Creating a Database, Editing and Coding Data, Classifying and Categorizing Data, Entering Data - Variable View, Drop-down Menus and Functions in Data)
  • —Data Analysis and Interpretation (Mean, Standard deviation, Regression, Sample size determination, Hypothesis testing).

PREREQUISITES: Fundamentals of Marketing [MKM110] or Marketing Management [MKM250], or equivalent.