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Services Operations Management

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The successful growth and development of many countries in the Caribbean is quickly becoming dependent on the service sector, for two main reasons, these are: the sector has become the main foreign exchange earner for many of these countries and in addition to that it employs a significant portion of the respective country's labour force.

Although the service sector does not produce a physical product, like what the manufacturing sector produces, in order for the sector to be successful, the service delivery system still needs to be efficient and effective, that is, to ensure that customers get what they are demanding, each and every time they choose to purchase the service.

As a result of that, this course will look at a history of the growth and development of the sector, the methods used in designing and operating a service delivery system, examples of successful systems and what can be expected from the sector in the future.

Topics covered include:-

  • —The Nature of Operations
  • —Location and Layout Decisions
  • —New Service Development
  • —Human Resource Management
  • —Managing Service Supply Chains
  • —Project Management
  • —Managing Services Quality
  • —Process Design
  • —Managing Demand and Capacity
  • —The Operations Challenge-Looking To The Future