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Clinical Governance

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The course seeks to provide an introduction to the principles of clinical governance, risk management and the importance of patient safety in reducing errors and resulting claims. The principles will be delivered using examples of patient safety incidents in a way in which the participants can relate and gain an understanding how clinical effectiveness, risk management and patient safety underpin clinical governance.

Topics covered include:-

  • —Introduction to Clinical Governance and Risk (Definitions, 7 Pillars of Governance, The “Bicycle Wheel of Health”
  • —Underlying Principles of Governance (The Role Governance plays in Healthcare
  • —Challenges for Governance
  • —Risk Management (Reporting incidents, Risk identification and grading, Root cause analysis
  • —Clinical Audit and Effectiveness (Developing an action plan, Writing clinical guidelines, policies and procedures, Clinical audit)
  • —Communication, Consent, Patient Confidentiality, Developing information networks, Complaints and claims)
  • —Accountability (Induction and performance management, Teams - personal, organizational, Competency and skill, Training and development
  • —Implementing Change (Board assurance, The Governance structure, Building a risk register).