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International Marketing Management

starts 02.03 - 9:00
Tony Proute, BComm (Marketing)

The changes which have taken place across the globe in the recent past make it mandatory that managers have a global perspective to doing business.  This is true whether you are a multinational or a small or medium size business.  The reality is that the majority of Caribbean firms are small to medium size. To most of these firms the trend to globalisation is only relevant in so far as it creates competition for them.

This course is presented from the perspective of the small to medium sized firm operating in a small-island developing state. Students should note that a requirement for successfully doing business at the international level is that one must be able to consistently meet specifications.

Topics covered include:-

  • —The International Marketing Imperative
  • —Researching International Markets
  • —International Market Selection and Entry
  • —Marketing Services Internationally
  • —Promotion in International Marketing
  • —International Pricing
  • —Effective International Distribution
  • —International Marketing Strategy 
  • —Case Studies and Project Presentations.

PREREQUISITE: Fundamentals of Marketing [MKM110], or equivalent.